Nick, Adrian, Donna, Mike and Jon

Ashes to Ashes

Picture the scene: sometime in the 1980s, an up-and-coming band playing the hits of the time, in a bar full of yuppies. A freak accident in the bullet factory next door sees the entire band wiped out by a single exploding box of 5.56mm hollow points. Or were they…?

When the band next wake, they’re in the twenty-first century, somehow shot forward in time. The fashion has changed, there’s something called the internet, you can get to France on a train under the sea, and why does no-one drive around in a Sinclair C5? It seems the whole world has changed, but their music still sounds great.

Ashes to Ashes are back – just a bit more retro than they used to be! All the songs you tried to forget about are back. Cher, Blondie, Martha & the Muffins, the B52s… Great music, with more dodgy hairdos than you can shake an eyeliner pencil at!

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